As an interdisciplinary team, we are working together by using our different areas of expertise to help you and all of your property needs. The TurnKey Design and Construction Co. approach is working together as a company to take the stress of build your properties away from you. We serve investors, home buyers, contractors, and real estate professionals alike. We are fast, trusted, and reliable. That’s the TurnKey Design and Construction Co. promise.

TurnKey Design and Construction Co. Property Management is a North Carolina Limited Liability Corporation. Its owner are Sandra Montano, with over 15 years of designing, remodeling and construction experience, are created TurnKey Design and Construction Co. Property Management, after recognizing the need in North Carolina for efficient and affordable designing, construction and building services.
Sandra’s knowledge are utilized to manage a reliable and efficient company that understands the needs of investors, home owners and contractors as well as the needs of possible property buyers.

Sandra is a skilled Colombian architect with more than fifteen years of experience in design, construction, remodeling, property and commercial management. As the company’s president, Mrs. Montano develops and oversees its operations. She has created and implemented procedures and policies that guarantee financial and operational success for both our business and yours.

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